My song of the trip

The driver who had rented this car before me must be a country-music lover.
All the radio channels already set were playing country.
As I didn’t realize until the last day of the trip that the channels were set and that there’re other radio stations that play other than country, all I listened to on the road during the entire six-day trip were—yes, call me a fool—country music.
Although I don’t dislike the genre, listening to that, only that, for more than five days straight wasn’t fun.
Then, this song came out from the radio: “Pretty good at drinkin’ beer” by Billy Currington. (The title says it all.)
What, a drinking song?! (Didn’t know then that drinking songs aren’t a stranger to the genre.)
Listening to the lyrics, I laughed out loud. Oh, dear. Real loud. And then, oh.. how much I wished to drink a beer!
There’s no question that it made the song of the trip.


2 thoughts on “My song of the trip

  1. I used to hate country until I moved to Houston. Then I was introduced to the likes of Garth Brooks et al, and while cheesy, they were fun to line dance to. And I like some of the old country singers, like Hank Williams. You need to get yourself to a good ol’ Texas bar.

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