Although I’ve been looking forward to moving to Greenland, I slept during the entire 4.5-hour flight from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq [gang-er-loose-sue-arc], where the international airport is located. (International moving was much harder than I’d imagined.) When I finally woke up, the plane was landing and the first thing I noticed was the small blue screen reading the outside temperature was -20°C or -4°F. As I nearly shouted at myself “-20?!” the lady sitting next to me smiled and said, “Yes, it’s very cold.”

Thank God, I was carrying two coats with me (thanks to the extremely high overweight charges by Air Greenland.) Now, I’m wearing a thermal underwear, a cashmere turtle-neck shirt, a wind-stopper lined wool sweater, a knee-long duck down coat, and another knee-long lamb fur leather coat. Yes, I’m ready to go outside now.

As I got off from the plane through the back door, I realized I was in the middle of nowhere but the ice and snow. It looks like the international airport is located in a crater, surrounded by mountain tops.

Have a quick look:

When I entered the airport, there was a little confusion. There is a screen that shows the departure and boarding time, but with no gate number. It turned out there are only two gates in this airport, one to Denmark, the other to other regions in Greenland (Gate1), but it’s too much to expect a foreigner who just arrived in to know that.

I saw a big sign of GATE 1, but wasn’t sure if it was the one that I should run into in order to go to Nuuk. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. I overheard a group of Americans who didn’t know what to do either for their connecting flights. So the group and I lined up to ask to the check-in desk. By that time I became really nervous as I was already five minutes late for my flight to Nuuk. And then, I heard my name called to the Gate 1. To be honest, I’m not sure if it was Greenlandic or Danish or English but I just caught my name and the gate number. (It’s always amazing how you catch your own name under whatever circumstances.) Seriously, it was a whole guessing game. And it was a good one. (Please have a sign for stupid foreigners!)

So, here I am sitting in a small propeller plane. The only thing I can see outside is absolute white.

It’s just surreal.


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