One of the things I found weird in Nuuk is that there are no snowmen!!

With this amount of snow, kids in Seoul or Washington would have made tons of snowmen. Burke, my friend who’s living in Brooklyn (or was it Queens?), might have created whole Terracotta Army or the entire Simpson family with the snow. (He made a Terracotta Warrior and Homer last winter when New York had a snowstorm. Pretty cool.)

But around the downtown Nuuk or Qinngorput, a new town where I live, I’ve seen no single snowman yet. And no one is snow-fighting. (Oh my my, this just reminds me of the snow fighting in D.C. last winter.) Maybe it’s because they’re always around the snow so they perhaps don’t feel like doing something “special” with the snow. Or this is relatively warm season so perhaps now is snowman-off season.

Sara, one of my colleagues, says children do make snowmen and sometimes play snow-fighting, but not quite often, as snow is too common for them to make a big deal.

Well, I may make one myself this weekend.


One thought on “Snowman

  1. So today I tried and figured why. The snow is very dry, so it is super hard even to make a small snowball. Carving an ice/snow chunk would be much easier and faster.

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