Bus ticket

Public transportation is quite pricy in Nuuk. It’s 15DKK for bus, which is about US$3. It’s a flat fare and doesn’t change based on the distance like the D.C. metro does. (I thought D.C. metro’s $1.60 or $2.10 was expensive, but now I wouldn’t mind paying them.)

But of course, there are always ways to save some. My homestay mother, ArnajaraK, has told me about the bus ticket on my second day here: If you buy a ticket for 120 krone, you can take 11 rides. So you get three free rides. (You can buy them from the bus driver.)

Put the ticket into a machine on a bus, and it will take a number off from the bottom and print the time until which you can take it again for free. It seems like you can take the bus again within 1 hour and 40 or 45 minutes. Today I took the bus three times with one ticket!

+ For those who take bus like crazy, there’s also one-month ticket for 500 krone.

+ And the bus runs from 6.25 a.m. to 00.05 a.m., 365 days.


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