Passport stamp

One thing I realized a few days ago is that I didn’t go through the immigration when I arrived in Kangerlussuaq. And thus, no stamp on my passport.

Well, of course, Greenland is Danish territory, so my flight was technically domestic one. But Air Iceland operates flights between Iceland and Greenland, so there must be Greenland’s own passport stamp, right?

Not really. Thanks to an agreement among Nordic countries, just like the EU, citizens of the member countries visit each other freely. So, no stamp! Bummer. (That no one checks visitors’ passports is a clear minus for the tourism sector, because there’s no way for them to collect the visitor profile, particularly by nationality.)

But really there’s no Greenlandic stamp?! I wanted it so badly, so googled and found a photo that one posted that s/he received at Thule. Thule Air Base is U.S. Air Force base, so it’s U.S. territory and they created this rather cute stamp (click). And it seems like it’s the only place you can get it in Greenland.

Rather disappointed, I talked about this to my colleagues, and Sara, who always has answers to my questions, told me that I can get a stamp in the police office in Nuuk. Pumped back! Will I get the Greenland-map design stamp here in Nuuk?

We’ll see. So, finally today (I kept forgetting to bring my passport), Sara and I made a trip to the police office. As Sara told police officers there that ‘this girl wants to get a stamp’ (well, I actually don’t know what she told them lol), they made very funny faces. One person made some phone calls to different departments, and one officer was looking for a stamp they rarely use in a pile of stamps. Apparently they don’t receive such request often, and it wasn’t there. When another officer saw my Copenhagen stamp in my passport, he said, “You already have it.” “No, this is from Copenhagen, and I want Greenland one!” I smiled. He went back inside and asked yet another officer and walked with him to another room along the long aisle. He came back with a stamp, and stamped it on my passport. But it’s not what I was looking for!!!

I looked at him and asked, “You don’t have the Greenland one? You know, the Greenland map design in a circle?” He looked puzzled but soon took my passport and went to somewhere. When he returned, he smiled and said “I will give you this one.”

It wasn’t what I was exactly looking for, but it was an embossing seal stamp of the Danish crown (In the photo below, you can see the crown, upside down). Neat!

I’m sure they laughed after I left and talked about the strange girl from South Korea, but well, I’m just happy with the stamp and seal. :)


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