New Jungle Book

When I first landed in Greenland, my plan was to learn Greenlandic. But in the office, the unofficially official language is Danish, and most TV programs are in Danish with a few Greenlandic channels. And you can live without a problem here if you know Danish. So, I started the Rosetta Stone Danish a couple weeks ago. I have not made much progress so far—I just know girls, boys, dogs, cats, and of course, cars; I can count upto 10; and I know some colors.

Yet, watching a TV show doesn’t really require much of understanding of the language itself, I figured.

Yesterday I watched a TV program, called “Ingen kære mor – alene i junglen,” or “No dear mother – alone in jungle.” It’s about a group of seven spoiled Danish teenage girls who were sent to Borneo’s jungle by their parents who were hoping their children to grow up and stand alone.

And just looking at what they’ve brought to this primitive jungle was hilarious! As the request of the jungle coach, the girls started pouring out what they’ve brought in the huge bags: high heels and dresses (Sorry, there’s no club in the jungle); hair dryers (Sorry, there’s no electricity for that); shorts (You don’t want to wear shorts in the jungle), and all other unnecessary items you can imagine. I asked my home-stay family, “Didn’t they know that they’re coming to a jungle?” “Oh, yes, they sure knew it.” But they certainly didn’t know what to expect.

As the coach showed them a centipede hiding in one of the girls’ sneakers, they got panic and started beating their shoes like crazy, and at night they hanged sneakers on a tall logs upside down, in a hope that no bugs get into their shoes.

On their second day, they got to wear black, not-fancy-at-all wetsuits and swim in a creek and climb a mountain. During the seven hours, they weren’t fed, and the girls who probably haven’t glimpsed at junk food craved for McDonald’s and basically anything eatable. The coach, already looked fed up with these big crying babies, gave them choco bars.

When asked how far they think they made that day, the girls answered with some kilometers. But in fact, they were only 700 meters away from the starting point. Yes, for 7 hours!

I am quite looking forward to seeing how they would change.


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