Greenlandic coffee

There is no Starbucks in Greenland, but instead it has Greenlandic Coffee.

It’s an alcoholic coffee, like Irish coffee. As a person who finishes a bottle of beer for as least three to four hours, when I read about the Greenlandic coffee before coming to Nuuk, I was like “I won’t even be able to drink coffee there!” (Not that I’m an everyday coffee drinker.)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Greenlandic coffee isn’t something people drink everyday. Like the rest of the world, they drink the ordinary, or not-so-special, coffee in their everyday lives.

But occasionally they enjoy this “strong” coffee. Greenlandic Coffee is a mix of three kinds of liquor—usually Kahlua, whisky and Grand Marnier—with hot coffee and whipped cream on top. But it’s not easy to make as it may sound. When it’s served, you’ll always get to see a sort of fire show that involves liquid flame. It’s quite an experience.

When I ordered it at Charoen Porn, a Thai restaurant in Nuuk (yes, it’s Thai but oddly this is one of a few restaurants that serve Greenlandic coffee in Nuuk), almost everyone around my table, even the locals, watched a waitress making the coffee right in front of me very interestingly and wowed at the performance.

Here’s the video:

If you want to try yourself, visit here.



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