Buuti Pedersen

My favorite Greenlandic painter so far is Buuti Pedersen. Well, frankly, she’s the only one I know of yet. But! As soon as I saw her paintings, I just loved them.
The first picture I saw is the one in my office. It depicts a mother polar bear hugs her cub, and the orange color of the background makes it look so warm. Looking at the painting, I can feel the warmth and the love the mother polar bear has for her cub, and it just makes me calm and peaceful, as if I’m hugged and loved.

And a few days ago, when I went to Katuaq, the cultural center, I saw her other polar-bear-family-hugging paintings, which were not as perfect as the one in the office, but still great.

And yesterday, at a shop selling fashion goods imported mostly from Europe, I found a painting that looked very familiar hanging on the wall.

“Oh, you have Buuti’s painting,” I exclaimed!

“Do you know her?” the owner asked in surprise.

“I really like her paintings. I wanted to buy one but the ones in Katuaq were too big and too expensive for me.”

“She is my daughter’s aunt.”

It’s quite funny that here everyone is somehow related to everyone. (And the reason she didn’t refer Buuti as her sister-in-law would be probably she wasn’t married to the father of her daughter, which is common in Greenland. The marriage/wedding in Greenland is a very interesting subject by itself, so I think I will write about it, perhaps after R’s wedding in late May.)

“She lives in Qaqortoq,” she continued.

“Oh really? I’m going there in July!” I jumped.

“You should contact her and visit her when you’re there,” she said, looking for Buuti’s business card from a pile of documents on her desk. As it seemed taking a while, I told her it’s okay as I can google her later, but she took her time to find it. That’s also very Greenlandic. Here people own the time. Not the other way around, like, for example, in Seoul. Here people don’t seem to be in a hurry. They take enough time whatever they do. It’s different from being lazy. It’s more like, people are generous in sharing their time with others. Perhaps the warmth I felt from Buuti’s paintings is the reflection of Greenlanders’.

+ According to her website on the business card, Buuti also does glass works, like wine glasses and vases. Glass works!! I have this itchy feeling that I might end up buying a bunch when I visit her studio in Qaqortoq… Will let you know after the trip in July. :)


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