TDC commercial

Whenever I turn on the TV, it seems like I get to see a commercial of TDC, a Danish communications company. The advertisement though isn’t clear about what it wants to sell, but it surely got my attention: the actors are naked.

One of TDC's TV commercials featuring the "naked" actors.

It was a cultural shock that people in the nude can appear in a TV commercial. The characters are middle-aged, and it doesn’t really look like a porn. But still, naked is naked. What disturbed me the most, however, is not the nudity itself but that breasts of the woman are revealed without any cover while penis of the man is pixelated. What, breasts are okay to be appeared in public while penis is not? What kind of sexual discrimination is that? Watch this:

Well, according to various sources I found on the Internet, the actors are not actually naked but in nude costumes, and an actor is actually playing the woman and an actress playing the man. But still, what’s the reason behind that the breasts are not covered?! And how does it help them selling their whatever products?



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