I’m stuck!

I love being in Greenland. I love watching icebergs floating from my desk; I love the people here who’re laid back and friendly; and I love even the late-May snow.

But I have one problem here: I sometimes feel I’m stuck here. There’re no roads connecting towns. If I want to get out of Nuuk, I have to take either a boat or a plane. Flight tickets are extremely expensive even for the domestic, and perhaps that’s why most people here own a boat. But I do not. Of course there are cruise lines that transport people from one town to another, but it’s also expensive and it leaves Nuuk only twice a week—the schedule sucks so it is nearly impossible for me to have a weekend getaway.

And now, here’s the Iceland volcano! I first thought that it would only affect the routes from/to Reykjavik, but to go to Copenhagen, the plane has to pass the Iceland sky, which means, no international flights to/from Greenland are available at the moment. (You can come to Greenland via either Iceland or Denmark. There’re no international flights connecting to North America yet although Greenland geographically belongs to the continent. Air Greenland is currently talking with Canada to open a route to a city in the east coast sometime next year.)

Air Greenland canceled trans-Atlantic flights on Tue, May 24.

So, basically, I’m stuck.here.now!

Although I don’t have any plans to leave the country anytime soon, the thought that I cannot leave it just makes me panic and feel somewhat constrained.



+ I just found a website: http://stuckingreenland.com/ for those who’re stuck in Greenland during the 2010 Icelandic volcano. Fun to read.



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