Who loves Greenland more?

ilovegreenland vs. I ♥ GREENLAND

Last Friday, Greenland Tourism, the national tourism office of Greenland, launched its Facebook page /ilovegreenland, in a way to promote the  country as a travel destination and reach out to potential visitors more effectively. Apparently, Greenland wants to use online social networks more aggressively: A few days after the Facebook page launch, it also resumed its Twitter account @ilovegreenland.
Unexpectedly though, the ilovegreenland FB page was criticized by the owner of another FB page, called “I ♥ GREENLAND,” whose URL is /lovegreenland (without i). I don’t know who’s the person or organization/company behind this page, as its info page only says that it was founded in 2009 and it is about “Photos, links, info and discussions by all people who love the greatest island on earth, Greenland.” But yet, I’m not so sure what this page really is about, whether it’s a community page, or for a business, or something else, as it’s all written either in Danish or Greenlandic. What I know for sure is the page has been very active and it has 3,341 fans as of today. And I’m also sure that the owner is very angry about this new ilovegreenland page by the Greenland Tourism.

S/he wrote on its page wall:

“…også selvom de hijackede vores community titel + FB url navn på bestialsk vis og uden respekt for de mere end 3330+ fans der allerede havde indfundet sig I ♥ GREENLAND – Greenland.com valgte at se stort på det og valgte åbenbart en mere respektløs vinkel. Hvis en kampagne-enhed ikke har større fantasi til selv at finde på et koncept navn, og istedet vælger at træde os andre over tæerne kan vi bedre forstå at de ikke har mere success med at få turister til landet end de har, så vil vi foreslå ejeren bag Greenland.com at finde mere egnet arbejdskraft til stillingerne. Føj!”

According to the not-so-smart Google Translate, it roughly means:

“… even if they are hijacking our community title + FB url name bestial manner and without respect for the more than 3,330 + fans who had already arrived I ♥ GREENLAND – Greenland.com chose to ignore it and chose manifest a more irreverent angle. If a campaign device has no great imagination to even find on a concept name, and instead chooses to take us other’s toes, we can better understand that they have more success in getting tourists to the country than they have, then we propose the owner behind Greenland.com to find more suitable manpower for the posts. Add!”

It’s totally understandable that the heart page isn’t happy about the new page that may confuse people with a very similar URL and name. But certainly the two are targeting different audience. As I said above, the heart page is written in either Greenlandic or Danish, meaning more or less for the domestic market, while the ilovegreenland page is mostly written in English, more for the international audience. Couldn’t the person think that the two could work together to promote “the greatest island on earth”? Or at least s/he could react in a more mature way, I guess (Though I have to confess I was quite amused by this event.)

Plus, while I ♥ GREENLAND may feel that ilovegreenland has taken its own creativity, wouldn’t NY claim that the heart page took the idea from I ♥ NY?

+ I also found I Love Greenland and I LOVE LOVE GREENLAND !!!!! on the Facebook. Perhaps, I should move this blog to FB. How about, I luv Greenland?


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