Greenland Beach Party 2032!!

This morning, I saw a public event on my first page of Facebook: Greenland Beach Party 2032!!

I was like, ‘Ha, it would be fun!’

As I was reading further down,

Time: Friday, July 16, 2032 ยท 2:00pm – 11:30pm

‘July 16, I will be still here.’



Only then I realized the photo in the invitation was that of a tropical beach.

How dumb I am! or how creative whoever made this invitation!

So far, about 12,000 said they’ll be attending.

And… I think I will say Yes, too.

Yeah, why not?

I probably come back with my children and tell them how icy this country once was, how high the snow accumulated in winter, and how many icebergs I’ve seen at the colonial harbor…ย  and of course they would believe none of what I’d be saying, lying on the beach, sunbathing.


One thought on “Greenland Beach Party 2032!!

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