Time to tee off

Even after being awake for over 36 hours yesterday, I still needed to make my body exhausted enough to sleep.

I started walking, or hiking, toward the University of Greenland, the only university in this country. Passing the campus, I saw a green net standing high on the grass. Is it a golf course?

I knew there’s one in Nuuk, but it didn’t really hit me until when I actually saw it.


See the green? (source: maps.google.com)

So, I walked closer to the net, to find a man mowing the fairway. He gave me a friendly waving. Taking it as an invitation, I walked in to the course. First thing I noticed was, it’s not flat! It seems like it’s built on a rock mountain, or maybe it is. Each small or short hole seems to be parted by huge rocks. It’s not surprising to see the following notes on its website: “Golfers need to be able to carry their own golf bags … [as] it is not possible to wheel golf bags. You must be able to walk over uneven terrain throughout the game and ‘rough’ areas may prove difficult. Practical, warm layered clothing is recommended together with solid walking shoes or boots.”

When I saw a group of players, I walked toward them, leaping over the rocks and stones, making sure not to step on the small flower buds. Looking at me jumping around the green field, a lady, who was playing with two gentlemen, walked up to me and said something in Danish. After figuring out that I don’t speak the language, she asked if I played golf back home. “I tried, but didn’t really learn it,” I replied. I told her that I’d never imagined to see a golf course in Greenland and was impressed that it’s very green.

“The grass here is imported from Iceland,” she proudly said. “There’s a golf course in Kangerlussuaq as well, but it’s all sand.”

According to her, it’s been 10 years since the Nuuk golf course opened and there’re about 200 members. You should be a member to play. (FYI, it’s a nine-hole course with a par of 66.)

Hmmm… maybe Nuuk is not a bad place to start golf.


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