From Greenland to Canada: Sounds easy?

Not many people know where Greenland is located, and many who think they do think it’s part of Europe. But it actually belongs to North America. The shortest distance to Canada is only 26 km or 16 miles.

I heard a very interesting story about an Arabic man who had a residency in Europe and tried to sneak in to Canada illegally.

According to my colleague, this person flew in to North Greenland, and told a passenger who sat next to him that he plans to go to Canada from Greenland.

Thought he must be joking, particularly looking at his not-prepared-at-all clothes he was in, the passenger just said “Good luck,” and left.

But he was serious. He walked toward the direction of Canada in a thin jacket, and kept walking until he found disconnected roads. Of course, there’s no road connected to any part of Canada. He was sitting there mindlessly. He was already nearly freezing to death. If it wasn’t a hunter who was passing by, he would have died there.

He may have known that Greenland was next to Canada, but didn’t know it’s apart.

Well, the first people who came to Greenland are from Northern Canada, but it was around 2500 BC, when the North America and Greenland was a big chunk of land.

I don’t know what was going on in his head.

But apparently even the freeze-to-death experience didn’t stop this man. ย He came back to Greenland the following year and this time in warm, well-prepared clothes, and he even bought a boat. His dream to enter Canada illegally seemed successful.

Well, except that as soon as he got to the land of Canada, he got caught by the coast guard and was sent back.

+ I googled to find news articles about this man, but failed. So, I couldn’t confirm its authenticity.


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