Barber = Ice-cream Maker

When I first heard about Greenlandice, ice-cream made from Greenland’s inland ice, it topped my to-taste list in Nuuk. As it’s not a factory-made but home-made, it wasn’t easy for me to find this ice-cream bicycle cart that’s rolling around the town.

One of my colleagues said that the ice-cream maker usually comes to the old harbour, near our office, during the weekend, when I don’t come to the area! But then, he added that I can also buy them in Maik’s Corner, a hairshop in downtown.

“Ice-cream is sold at a hairshop?!” I asked.

He said that the barber there is the ice-cream maker.

Although it didn’t sound a very hygienic idea eating, not to mention making, ice-cream at a place where hairs are flying around, I wanted to check it out myself. So, last week, I traveled to the hairshop with the help from a young couple, complete strangers who I met on the streets but kindly drove me to the shop (Tak!): They were also surprised when I told them I’m going to the hairshop to buy ice-cream. But unfortunately, the shop was already closed when we got there.

Then, finally today! When a big cruise ship, which took hundreds of visitors to Nuuk, anchored near the harbour, Maik came with the ice-cream cart.

As soon as I saw the cart, I ran out and got five scoops of all different flavors—chocolate, licorice, orange, vanilla, and fruit bomb—with guf, a pink fluff, ice-cream topping. (Guf seems like a Danish thing.)

My initial plan was taking it home, but I finished them in a minute, while posting this pic to my Facebook wall.

Greenlandice with guf on top.

I found the ice-cream more like sherbet, and my favorites are fruit bomb and licorice. Guf was a failure compared to the one I had at the Cafe Santa.



+ You can find the whereabout of the Greenlandice cart on its Facebook page, just as you can track down Washington food trucks on the Twitter.

++ More about Greenlandice: Day 4—Greenland Ice Cream that I wrote for the making-of documents for A Taste of Greenland in Nuuk.


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