#TTOT=Travel Talk on Twitter

Every Tuesday afternoon, I try to get on #TTOT. Although I have participated only a few times. I so far enjoy the chats with fellow wanderers who I’ve never met in person.

When @the_HoliDaze introduced #TTOT to me a few months ago, I was like, huh? But soon, I learned, it’s like a huge AOL chat room with no limits in the number of people joining. Each week, people participate in the discussion answering five questions on a selected topic, or just by reading others’ answers and retweeting them. It’s a great way to meet the like-minded, virtually.

Another thing I like about the #TTOT is that I get to travel back to the time when I was traveling, while answering the questions given for the day’s session. My travel memories are usually stored in my computer’s “Pictures” folder or inside my diaries and blogs. And I live every day, more often thinking about where to go, rather than looking back where I have been to.

The #TTOT sessions make me look up the photos and diaries and help me remember what I felt back then. Memories I have for some events have sometimes changed over time, and a few times what I remember and what I actually felt at the very moment are different.

And I found a piece of memory today.

This week’s topic was accommodations, and the second question of the day was: Share a picture of the best view from a hotel room? Then this photo crossed my mind, which I had totally forgot about for years.

View from my hotel room in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

Then, I wasn’t sure if it was a hotel, or a cabin (as I certainly remembered wood walls), not to mention the name. I just remembered it was right in front of the train station of the small village and it had a trolley car on the rail in its backyard.In 2004, Heywiz, who was then living in Paris, and I had decided to spend a weekend in Chamonix Mont Blanc. As we couldn’t get an affordable room in the town as it was a peak ski season, we got a room in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, which is not far from Mont Blanc by train.

So, I started googling after failing to retrieve my email exchanges with Heywiz. And I found the hotel, or chalet, finally!: Chalet Hotel la Maison Blanche.

And then, everything came back to me so vividly: The cool morning breeze when we walked around the village; the smell of the bread that’s just out of oven from a local bakery; the locally-produced herb drink we had in Mont Blanc; that we had to run to the station to catch the last train to Saint-Gervais to find the train got delayed… all the fun times.

Thanks, #TTOT.


4 thoughts on “#TTOT=Travel Talk on Twitter

  1. Great post, I joined #TTOT for the first time today although have joined chats before. I agree completely that it really makes you think back to what you have experienced and appreciate having those opportunities. One of the benefits of travel is always being able to share that experience with others and inspire them to follow the footsteps or create their own… Thought-provoking chats don’t get much better :-)

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